Responding to Trauma in Brief Settings

WORKSHOP: Responding to Trauma in Brief Settings - Witnessing Resistance

February 1 & 2, 2018

Vikki Reynolds, Ph.D. RCC.

Shifting meaning and identity stories in ways that can be impactful of people’s lives in single sessions

Many counsellors and therapists are working within therapeutic contexts such as walk-in counselling clinics and short-term services where brief encounters with people occur. People who come to consult with us in these brief settings might come and talk about histories of trauma, oppression, suffering, violence, bullying and other experiences of social injustice. In these situations counsellors must think clearly and differently about how to respond in ways that are non-pathologizing and instead honour acts of resistance.

In all of our work and especially in brief contacts, we can be mindful of the social and political context of injustice and resist the social construction of pathologizing and marginalizing identities. Honouring and witnessing the wisdom of people in their responses to trauma, brings forward their agency and can create identities of knowledge, autonomy and strength, as opposed to victim/survivor identities, or other “spoiled identities”. We have an opportunity within a single session to shift meaning and identity stories in ways that can be very impactful of people’s lives going forward.

In this workshop you will learn about:
• Alternative understandings of trauma & oppression that include acts of resistance
• Structuring safety immediately in brief therapy encounters
• Witnessing practices that offer new meanings of past traumatic events
• Questions that come from an ethical stance of justice-doing in our conversations
• Connecting private pain to public social and political contexts in ways that reduce isolation and ‘othering’ stories

Location: Windz Institute
ROCK Reach Out Centre for Kids Centre of Learning 
504 Iroquois Shore Rd., Unit 12A, Oakville, ON

Regular Rate: $375 + HST

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