When All the Time You Have is Now

WORKSHOP: When All the Time You Have is Now - Walk-in Clinics & Single Session Therapy

January 19, 2018

Karen Young, M.S.W., R.S.W.

Learn ways to quickly engage people in deeply meaningful and useful conversations in walk-in clinics or other short-term services

Walk-in clinics and other forms of quick access to services have become a key part of the landscape of service delivery in Ontario as outlined in the policy paper, “No More, No Less: Brief Mental Health Services for Children and Youth” (Duvall, J., Young, K.,Kays-Burden, A.,2012). Narrative therapy ideas and practices provide therapists with ways of quickly engaging people in deeply meaningful and useful conversations. These practices are a perfect fit for settings in which just a brief encounter with people is possible, such as walk-in clinics or other short-term services where we need to make the most of the session.

Karen will share discoveries made during her 16 years working at a walk-in clinic and providing brief therapy services, about what aspects of narrative practice are particularly useful in these settings. Remarkable conversations that are “enough” can take place in one meeting when the therapist has skills that allow for respectful engagement in meaningful conversation quickly.

Participants will learn to:
• Co-create the agenda in ways that set the stage for meaningful conversation
• See “away-from- the-problem” stories quickly • Engage people in conversations that are both respectful of and shifting of their ways of thinking about the problem
• Use a clear therapy guideline for time sensitive therapy
• Develop detailed, rich stories of people’s values, skills and abilities
• Record in-session notes that create take-home documents for the client
• Use witnessing practices in sessions and create support teams 
• How to keep the new discoveries happening outside of the session

Recordings of actual sessions from the walk-in therapy clinic will be used to demonstrate the guidelines and practices.

Location: Windz Institute 
ROCK Reach Out Centre for Kids Centre of Learning 
504 Iroquois Shore Rd., Unit 12A, Oakville, ON

Regular Rate: $185 + HST

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