At Windz Institute we stand for building on traditions and leading innovations;
constantly striving for more...for you and for the people you serve.

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Windz Conference
Building on traditions, Leading innovations
Trailblazing through transitions to new possibilities:
Advances in therapeutic practice, social justice and social change

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The Windz conference committee is planning an exciting line up of speakers, events, and presenters to provide Windz attendees with the best training, education and networking opportunities available in the field. This trailblazing international conference will be brimming with stimulating cutting edge new ideas and practices for collaborative, non-patholigizing approaches to therapeutic practice and community work. It will provide an extraordinary model of how seemingly loosely related disciplines, such as the intersections of innovative therapeutic practice; social justice and social change can be crossed. During the conference, practitioners, social scientists, theoreticians, researchers, educators and social activists will come together in a lively and highly charged atmosphere of spirited dialogue, mutual exchange and encouragement. 

Internationally recognized keynote presenters and concurrent workshop facilitators will speak to a range of current topics that will include brief narrative therapy, walk-in clinics, neuroscience, mindfulness, social justice, responses to trauma and much, much more. Truly a game changer, the ideas and practices presented in this gathering will stand just beyond the cutting edge of innovation.

We all know that enlivening, connected feeling of being with like-minded people who share our passions, know the challenges we face and share our concerns. There’s no better place to find these folks—these members of our community—than the Windz Conference where psychotherapists, researchers and social activists will gather, year after year, to recharge, re-energize and explore new approaches to practice.
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