Training At Your Organization

Training At Your Organization

Working within a Walk-in Therapy Clinic, Single Session service and other Brief Therapy services requires therapists and counsellors to approach the work with the stance that “all the time we have is now”. In this way they can engage people quickly in meaningful and useful therapeutic encounters. Windz Institute can customize training for your organization’s needs. 

Karen Young, Director of the Windz Institute, has provided clinical training to most of the Walk-in Therapy clinics in Ontario, and as well in eastern Canada, Calgary and internationally. Karen can provide clinical training in brief narrative therapy for walk-in clinics, single session services, and brief service programs. This can range from a one-day training up to a 5-day training. These trainings will prepare your staff to work to make the most of every session they have with your clients. 

A one-day training will provide staff with a solid introduction to brief and narrative practices designed for brief therapies. Two day and three day training events allow more time for those attending to develop a deeper understanding of this highly collaborative and strength-based way of working. There will be more time for knowledge development through discussion, and ample time for learning through watching recorded sessions, live demonstration, and from engaging in practice experiences during the training. Karen can also reproduce the 5-day Brief & Narrative Therapy Certificate program for those organizations that wish to provide their staff team with the most in depth training opportunity available to clinically train staff for work within brief, single session and walk-in counselling clinics.

Walk-in Clinic Implementation Consultation

Re-vision your organization’s service pathway…

Re-structure to provide immediate help when people need it…

Reduce waiting lists for therapy services…

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