Customized Training to suit your Organization's Needs

No matter the size of your organization or team, Karen will customize training to suit your organization’s needs. Karen has provided clinical training to most of the Walk-In Therapy clinics in Ontario, as well as in eastern Canada, Calgary and internationally. She can provide clinical training in brief narrative therapy for walk-in clinics, single session services, and brief service programs. This can range from a one-, two- or three-day training as well as a full 5-day Certificate Program training session. These trainings will prepare your staff to make the most of every session they have with your clients. 

A one-day training will provide staff with a solid introduction to brief and narrative practices designed for brief therapies. 

Two-and three-day training events allow more time for those attending to develop a deeper understanding of this highly collaborative and strength-based way of working. There will be more time for knowledge development through discussion and ample time for learning through watching recorded sessions, live demonstration, and from engaging in practice experiences during the training. 

A 5-day Brief & Narrative Therapy Certificate Program is available for those organizations that wish to provide their staff team with the most in-depth training opportunity to clinically train staff for work within brief, single session and walk-in counselling clinics.


“Karen is so experienced and knowledgeable and has a way of making you feel safe in taking risks and trying new skills. I think this was the most valuable training I’ve taken to date!! THANK YOU!” “Karen’s training was very engaging and relevant to the work we are doing with families. Her ability to simplify the process has left staff feeling as though we have a new set of tools for assisting families. This has motivated everyone for moving forward with the walk-in process.“  

“Karen’s one-day training was one of the best one-day sessions for psychotherapists I have ever attended. Karen was thorough and clear and had excellent video demonstrations and practice exercises. I found it highly relevant and immediately usable. The next week, my clients and I made some very helpful discoveries using this approach. Most of all, Karen modelled the philosophy of valuing and respecting the client’s unique nature and perspective on their world.” 

“I wanted to send you a quick thank you for the wonderful training. I really appreciated the information and the many ways that you made it practical and impactful. I had no fewer than 10 ‘Ah-Ha’ moments during the afternoon. I took away so much from the session and I know your insights and ideas will help me be a better therapist.” 

“Our staff is still riding high from the training. One therapist used narrative with a tough client who she was feeling may need a hospitalization as they were not making any progress. She said he really responded and at the end of the session he said he felt hope, which was new for him. This therapist was struggling in previous weeks as a clinician, feeling as though she was not making progress with her clients, but now she is so energized to continue using this approach. Another therapist used narrative as well and told me one of his clients told him he was asking “very good questions today” and that she felt they were working better together. So a huge THANK YOU for breathing much needed hope into our system.” 

“I have heard from staff that they were blown away (multiple “aha moments”) by the training and most appreciative of what Karen was able to bring to the agency. Some described it as the best post-graduate training they have ever had. The office is still a buzz today with lots of accolades about Karen and the content.”
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