About Us

At Windz Institute we stand for building on traditions and leading innovations;
constantly striving for more...for you and for the people you serve.

Operated by ROCK Reach Out Centre for Kids' Centre of Learning
Welcome to the Windz Institute, the home of Brief Narrative Therapy Training and Research. We are operated by ROCK Reach Out Centre for Kids' Centre of Learning and are located in Oakville, Ontario. Our Director, Karen Young, our faculty and our guest presenters share a passion for non-patholigizing, collaborative and competency-oriented approaches to working with people. Karen has spent many years teaching, writing, doing therapy, conducting research, and working on a range of projects. ROCK Centre of Learning is the ideal home for Windz Institute as ROCK has provided leadership and innovation in children’s mental health services for decades in Ontario, particularly in brief services.

Windz Institute offers a variety of Workshops and Certificate Programs annually. We also provide consultation to organizations and communities who are interested in adopting a competency–oriented philosophy and practice. In addition, we produce conferences which create forums that make it possible to speak to gaps in knowledge and address current social issues. We are also involved in contributing to the broader literature, publishing in peer reviewed journals and contributing to books on a range of topics related to brief narrative practices.

We highly value the pioneering traditions of our mentors, who include Michael White, David Epston and others. We also value innovation and will not rest on yesterday’s accomplishments. We constantly strive to move beyond what we presently know to improve our services to you and to the people that you serve.

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